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Monday, April 17, 2017

Spring Soccer Stuff

With everything we have going on currently I have fallen down on my soccer posts. Yesterday I uploaded over 1200 pictures from my camera SD card. I need to remember not to wait a month to upload photos! I scrapped more than half of those. I'm a work in progress when it comes to taking action photos.

We have about 3 or 4 weeks left in the soccer season, which seems crazy to me because I feel like the season just started. These last few weeks will be pretty crazy. We are moving in 12 days.
The weekend after we move Bryan is out of town for volleyball and I'll be out of town with Bryce and Jordyn for a tournament. Then the next weekend after that we have games all day on Saturday before we travel to Savannah for a Sunday game for Sydney (on Mother's Day). With everything going on with the move and sports we have decided not to walk in this year's Great Strides walk on May 20th because we need a weekend that we can actually settle into the new house and get some unpacking accomplished. We of course will continue our fundraising efforts, but we felt like we needed to pull something off of our "To-Do" list.

Since I brought up the walk and fundraising I'm going to add the link below to make it super easy for you to donate to Team Bryce Bryce Baby's Great Strides efforts.

I'll leave you with some shots of the kids from the season thus far. Spring Break and Easter photos coming soon too!

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