1 Corinthians 16:14 ~ Do everything in love.

Sunday, July 9, 2017


Sydney recently celebrated her 14th birthday. 

She opted to do something a little different this year. Instead of her usual pool party bash that she has done the past 6 or 7 years she decided to have 6 of her friends over for a spend-the-night. We took the girls bowling for a few hours and then came back to the house for cake, a movie, games and eventually some sleep. I adore the group of girls that helped us celebrate. It's been fun watching all of them grow into lovely and funny young ladies over the years. 

Sydney's actual birthday was the day after the party. It was a pretty low key day that ended with a steak dinner at Longhorn's since the birthday girl loves steak.  (I forgot to take a picture at dinner)

I feel like Sydney's birthday comes way too fast every year. We seem to be speeding through life with her and although it is all exciting it also pains my heart. She starts high school in less than a month and I know it's going to fly by. Every parent that has gone before us says the same thing...It. Will. Fly. By. So while I hold on tight to this wild ride she is about about to take us on I am going to do my best to savor every moment I can. I just hope she doesn't mind me being there for all those moments! 

Happy Birthday Sydney. You are a delightful, smart, outgoing and silly girl. You make us proud everyday. I hope you know how much you are loved!

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