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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017!

First let me get this off my chest...

Y'all it's November. What in the world?!


Our Halloween festivities have come and gone for 2017. Our plans came together at the last minute and we ended up having such a fun night. The new neighborhood definitely delivered a different experience than our old hood. Sydney organized for friends to come over all on her own. My dad was like..."umm there's boys in her group". I assured him they are all a good bunch of kids and they went out on their own for the evening. Jordyn had her own group to hang with...girls she knows from school and soccer. Bonus that one of them lives 3 doors down and another is the little sister of Sydney's best friend. Bryce and Bryan headed out with a group of boys and dads from the neighborhood. All of us in different groups, but it was really fun. Oh and my parents stayed at the house to hand out candy. We were emptied out there were so many kids! I probably had close to 300 pieces of candy and we handed it all out plus some of Bryce's that he didn't want. Wow! 

This year's crew...

Han Solo.
Easiest costume ever. 
I only had to buy red duct tape for the stripe on the pants and a black T-shirt to make the vest. 

  Flapper Girl. 
Jordyn could easily pull this look off on a daily basis. 

It was between this or a onsie pink pig and I think she made the right choice. Super cute and comfortable.
Jordyn already has her eye on this for next year. 

 Jordyn and friends. FYI...that's Savannah in the scream mask!

Sydney and friends. 
Dad's holding a fake bloody knife. 

Halloween decorations are down and people I can't promise that the Christmas decorations won't start popping up over the next few days. Not to take away from Thanksgiving, but I love me some Christmas, especially the decorations. Confession: I've had a tree up in the family room for almost a month now, but in my defense I had to make sure I was sent the right tree because the first one sent to me was the wrong one. 
I'm turning that mug on tonight!

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