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Thursday, December 7, 2017

November Stuff

The past month or so has been a whirlwind hasn't it? Here's a little summary of what everyone has been up to since the past 4 to 5 weeks.

Sydney has had a decent amount of school work combined with end of regular season soccer games and tournaments. Her club team finished the season in 4th. It wasn't the finish we hoped for, but they had two losses during the season that came back to bite them in the rear when it came to point standings. In the last two games of the regular season Sydney scored 3 goals so that was very exciting for her. She guest played with the 03G Premier team in their end of season tournament and scored 2 goals during those games. On top of everything she started conditioning for high school soccer three days a week. She still has club team practice and she is participating in a striker/finishing camp. This past weekend her club team played in the GSA Puma College Showcase. They played up an age group to the u16 division and played so good! Sydney has her first round of high school finals coming up in less than 2 weeks. I'm pretty sure I am more nervous about these exams than she is!
 Fall 2017

  Making money! She just happened to be reffing one of Bryce's games here.

 Celebrating with her team after their final regular season game. Nice season Impact 03 Elite!

 Guest playing with the 03 Premier team at the UFA Fall Classic Tournament.

 GSA Puma College Showcase

Jordyn is killing it at school. She is very dedicated to her school work and her grades reflect that. She attends Fish Club every week with one of her friends and also participates in Jr. Beta Club. Her club soccer team is finished for the season. It was a long season for her team. They remind me so much of Sydney's team a few years ago. There is a ton of potential, but it's not clicking yet. There is no downtime for Jo since she is playing soccer for her middle school. It's an easier schedule with just one practice a week and games on Saturday and Sunday. Her first games are this weekend. You know, just in time for the cold arctic blast that is moving in.
One of my "favorite" things to do is watch soccer in the freezing cold!

 Fall 2017

 This is the look you get when you talk to her from the sideline. 

 Between games with her teammates at the UFA Fall Classic Tournament. 

An evening of fun at Six Flags with a sweet friend. Thanks Bradley Family!

Next we have Bryce. Things are moving along for him at school. He is a math wiz and a good little reader although he thoroughly dislikes sustained reading. His soccer team is finished for the season thankfully. You can read as much as you like into that "thankfully" I added to the last sentence. To end the season his team played in the Impact Premier Cup in the pouring cold rain. Here's hoping for a more successful spring season!

 Fall 2017

As far as Bryce's health goes he is still in the "Green Zone", which is where we want to be. His clinic in mid November was interesting. As usual he had PFT's to measure his lung function and his numbers were down. His numbers have steadily gone down over the past 3 clinics. Many times we all think it's technique on blowing into the machine. It's not an easy thing to do: take a huge breath to fill the lungs, blow the air out for 6 seconds into a decent sized mouth piece while keeping your lips sealed around the mouth piece and then finishing by sucking in (not breaking the seal). If done correctly then you get a good representation of lung volume/capacity. This is my watered down explanation. At any rate, Bryce's technique was pretty good this visit. He was working really hard, but they were not getting the numbers they felt he should have considering how healthy he is. So they gave him a breathing treatment and then had him blow again. His numbers jumped WAY up. Some of the numbers went up by 38%!! That's a crazy big difference, which led them to believe Bryce might be asthmatic. This could be seasonal or could be an on going thing so now we track it. Because of this Bryce has added Flovent inhaler to his daily routine. He takes it in the morning and in the evening along with everything else. This isn't a time sucker or anything, but just another step for us to get used to doing in our routine. What's interesting is that Bryce shows none of the usual asthma symptoms...wheezing, coughing when exercising, snoring, etc. Hence why it could be a seasonal thing.

 November clinic day.

I know this is long, but I have even more to share. Back in October Bryce had a hearing test at school, which he failed. I of course thought nothing of this because I figured Bryce didn't take the test seriously. We had to go to the county's school audiologist for a full hearing screening. Well...his right ear ended up failing that test. The results showed that his ear drum was not moving at all. The doctor did see fluid behind the drum so she said that could be the issue...worst case would be nerve damage.  When we first arrived to the appointment I asked if she thought his CF could have anything to with the results and she said she didn't think so. Once she told me he had fluid behind his ear I told her he has had chronic sinus issues because of the CF and she said well that could be the issue. I knew it! On Dec 4th we headed to the ENT to have them take a look. Turns out there is no longer fluid behind his drum and he PASSED the hearing test. His ENT said he sees nothing of concern and doesn't need to see us again unless we get another failed hearing test down the road or I notice any big changes that concern me. In conclusion - the fluid will fluctuate in his ear simply because he does have sinus issues. ENT said to keep using Flonase and doing nasal rinses. 

My dad came with me to a Veteran's Day program at Bryce's school. Bryce loved having us there!

Whew. Are you still reading? If so, thanks for the interest. For anyone who cares I'll share what Bryan and I have been up to. We just try to keep up with our kid's schedules! Mid month we celebrated my birthday (a little early). My mom insisted on celebrating although I was okay with skipping. It ended up being a really nice evening out for steaks and then an "Old Fart" cookie cake at home. Bryan and I did sneak away on a 5 day cruise with Joey and Katie over Thanksgiving break. It was a nice escape, but as crazy as our days get I was so excited to get back home to the kids. Once home we bought our tree, decorated it and are ready for Christmas celebrations.

 Joey is a goober.

Bring on Christmas!!

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