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Thursday, April 12, 2018

All The Spring Stuff...so far.

We've been deep in our crazy spring schedule, which has probably been a blessing in disguise as it keeps our mind off things. Beach volleyball season is in full effect so Bryan is a busy guy these days. School is pretty demanding for the girls so they spend a lot of time doing homework. We are now entering the final stretch of school. Jordyn and Bryce just received their 3rd quarter report cards and they both had all A's! Sydney is on semesters so she only gets 2 report cards a year now. She is half way through the 2nd semester and is doing pretty darn good thus far. 

Before we get to the usual soccer update let's chat about Uncle Jay's birthday. Jay's birthday is March 5th so we celebrated the weekend before with a family dinner. My how a year will change things. Jay and Alix are moving along in their pregnancy, she's 7.5 months already. They aren't finding out the sex so you will have to stay tuned.  

As usual when the kids aren't busy with school they can be found on the soccer field. This season has been a soggy one to say the least. Soggy AND cold. Nothing quite like sitting on the sidelines in the cold rain. Bryce has missed a lot of practices this season due to all the rain. His team  moves their practices to an indoor soccer facility for rain days, but I don't send Bryce to these practices. Let's just say this isn't the cleanest of places. I am positive there are all sorts of bacteria growing in this place so this isn't just me being an overprotective parent. I am pretty laid back on things with Bryce, but I draw the line at him playing in this building...it's that gross! 

Sydney's high school season has been...interesting?! We were warned high school soccer is not like club soccer and that is a very accurate statement. She's been playing as a swing player, meaning she plays for the JV and Varsity team. Her JV season wrapped up before spring break with a WIN against their rival, Woodstock. They won 9 to 0 so it was a nice way to end the season. Sydney had 3 assists and 2 goals during the final JV game. Nice job Syd! The Varsity season wraps up next week. 

I'm finally able to share the best news of the year. Joey and Katie are expecting a baby!! They shared the news on Facebook a few weeks ago, but I wanted to share it here in case someone missed the announcement. Not only did they announce they are expecting, but they are expecting a GIRL! On top of that they bought a house. The cherry on top is that the house is in our neighborhood and they are 16 houses down from us!! Fantastic, right?!

Finally we have Easter. As usual we went to Saturday service and as usual before we headed out to church I made everyone take some spring photos. The pictures of the kids hit me hard...they have changed quite a bit in the past year. They have all matured so much. I love these kiddos so much. 

We had a lovely get together for dinner on Easter Sunday. My mom didn't make dinner since she was on a mission trip in Africa. The weather was actually nice so we took the opportunity to hang outside playing games.

Doesn't Chloe look like she's smiling in this photo?
Photo cred: Sydney

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