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Saturday, April 14, 2018

Waddle Baby Carter Be?

My mom, Katie and I threw a baby shower for Jay and Alix. Their baby is due mid June, but this little bundle will more than likely come earlier than that. Alix had mentioned that she loves penguins so with the help of Google and other wonderfully creative people of the Internet we stumbled up on a penguin themed baby shower...Waddle Baby Be? 
Perfect. right?! 

No gender reveal news to report so you will have to wait a month or so for that announcement, but I've got pictures to share from our little gathering of family and good friends so enjoy these photos for the time being.

Oh and just for fun...
please share what you think: BOY or GIRL?!

 Bradley waiting patiently for his lolly pop to get opened. 

 Bradley has all the attention from the ladies!

 Jay was pumped about this gift! 

 Two happy parents-to-be. 

Bradley turns 4 next week so he got some gifts too!

The countdown is on to meeting Baby Carter. 
We are all so very excited!

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