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Monday, May 27, 2019

Mother's Day Stuff

Here are a few photos from our Mother's Day weekend celebrations. 
Just so happens that Honey's birthday landed on the Saturday before Mother's Day so it was a double celebration for her. (Spoiler: Next year the celebrations will be on the SAME day) 
We started the weekend off with Papa, Honey, Maisie and Ezra at Cracker Barrel for a yummy breakfast. Jason and Amy were off to Disneyland to celebrate Jason's 40th birthday so they missed out on our birthday breakfast fun. I am sure they weren't too sad about it though! ;) 

On (soggy) Mother's Day we headed to church and then met my parents for lunch at Longhorn. Wait. Did y'all read that? We went to church and lunch on Mother's Day. Crazy I know. For the first time in 4 (maybe 5) years we didn't have a single soccer game that weekend. A practice, yes, but games...nope! It was a nice chance of pace, but I have to admit; by late afternoon on Sunday I found myself a little bored because I had nothing to do and cleaning the house was definitely NOT happening. Haha!

 Pretty sure we did something to gross our kids out here. We think we are so funny, but seriously y'all...it just doesn't get old. We can get them every. single. time. 

I couldn't ask for anything more. They really have no idea how much love I have for them. Total heart explosion. I am one blessed mommy. So very thankful each and every day. 

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