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Thursday, December 19, 2019

A "Quick" Catch Up

Where is the time going? Seriously? November was a blur. It was the busiest we have ever been in November. I'll explain the month through what else...photos! 

Bryce's soccer season came to a close. Overall his team didn't have a great season, but Bryce had some amazing saves in goal as you can see from the below photos. This was an amazing save! Bryce didn't get to play in the end of season tournament because we were out of town for a college showcase for Jordyn. We figured a weekend trip to the beach for Jordyn's showcase was a good reason to miss his tournament. 

Next up in our schedule was clinic for Bryce. Bryce had to have blood draws for glucose testing before clinic so our morning started out earlier than usual. He did a full fasting glucose test so he got to slurp down the "delicious" drink and not have anything to eat from dinner until we were finished at lunch time. He was thrilled, but handled it well. The best news of clinic was Bryce's weight went up 4.5 pounds! This helped pull his BMI up a little. His BMI is still not near where it needs to be, but we will keep working. Working as in...eating all the time. His PFT numbers went up as well, which is good because they were down in August. All in all a good appointment for Bryce. Next clinic will be in February 2020. 

We had a random free night off from sports so we decided to visit Santa. You know we like to see Santa early so we have him all to ourselves. 

November was very busy for Jordyn. Her team played in 5 regular season games as well as a college showcase tournament in Savannah. It was a crazy schedule, but that is how everything worked out. The girls were battling for the top spot in their division AND...they got it! They won the u15 Athena A division and earned promotion to the National League Piedmont Conference. They ended the season with 7 wins, 2 ties and 1 loss with 38 goals scored and only 9 given up. It has been fun watching the transition of this team over the past 3 years. They have been promoted 3 times and won back-to-back championships. I can't wait to see where this group is going. 


 This is Sydney. Not Jordyn. Haha. 

We stayed in a beach house in Tybee Island with some of Jordyn's teammates for the Savannah College Showcase. Our house was amazing!

 U15 Athena A Division Champions!! 

I know Sydney isn't playing soccer right now, but she has been so good at supporting her team when they are playing. The only time she wasn't at their games was when the games were out of state. I'm proud of her for sitting on the sides lines when all she wants to do is be out there playing. Her team won the Impact Premier Cup and they ended their first season in NL middle of the pack, which keeps them in NL for next season. Not bad considering the team has had multiple injuries all season long. 

My birthday was on November 21st and our month was so busy we never had a good night to celebrate with the family so on the morning of my birthday my mom, Joey, Katie and Ellie showed up at my house early before school to bring me donuts and a cake. How sweet of them to do that!

Right after this picture Bryce ran out of the door to catch his bus! Bryan and Jordyn were so nice to wake up early for this because they don't have to be at school until 8:00 or so. 

After the Thanksgiving holiday it was time for us to get serious about Christmas. The only thing left on our to-do list was to decorate the Christmas tree. It turned out so pretty! 

We wrapped November up with decorating Gingerbread houses with Cece. A fun morning and I think these were the best gingerbread houses the kids have decorated to date. 

 Bryce's friend, Lance, joined us for the decorating fun too. 

I think this catches you up for the most part. If I can find a few free minutes I will post a Sydney update. I would like to say things are going smoothly, but that is not the case. That's okay...she's working hard and we are praying she will get to where she needs to be with this silly knee that doesn't want to cooperate!

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