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Friday, November 22, 2019

Halloween 2019

I know. I know. I am very behind once again on the old blog. The past few months have been a bit of a whirlwind so it's been hard to find the time.  

Halloween this year was COLD and so windy!!! Jordyn went to her friend's neighborhood to trick-or-trick and Sydney was couch bound since she had surgery the day before. Sydney's friends ended up coming over to hang with her and they watched Scream together. This left us with just Bryce doing our hood trick-or-treat scene. My parents came up to enjoy the festivities. Jay and Alix came up with the boys and Joey, Katie and Ellie joined us too. It was so fun getting to see James and Ellie dressed up. The cold didn't seem to phase them at all and despite them being newbies at Trick-or-Treating they both picked it up pretty quick. Bryce and his friend Lance took off on their own to roam, which was a first for us. We were getting random updates from people saw them cruising right along. They came home earlier than we expected because they were cold. I think part of them coming in early was they wanted to dive into their candy. 

Enjoy the pictures!! 

 "Bob Ross" 

"MIB (Men In Black)"

 "Darth Vader"

 "A Lego Ninja Dude" - obviously I don't know the correct name. Ha! 

 Bryce's friend Lance went at Indiana Jones


 "Snow White" 

The only way to keep these two still long enough to snap a picture was to bear hug them. 


 Sydney's crew! 

 Jordyn's crew!

And one last photo to wrap up this post. I took this photo earlier in the day of these two little darlings. They look like they could be twins! They are SO MUCH FUN!

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