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Sunday, January 5, 2020

All the Christmas Stuff!

Before we get too far into 2020 I need to share about our Christmas festivities. I'll try to keep the writing to a minimum and share the good stuff...photos. 

First up Christmas Eve! 

My family comes over for Christmas Eve and we have a Breakfast for Dinner feast. This year was exciting because: BABIES! Something about having little ones toddling around makes things more fun. Ellie is a gift opening professional already and James loves pulling the tissue paper out of everything and then throwing it. Bryan and I got the babies slides as their gift and they turned out to be a hit. Overall we had ourselves a merry little Christmas Eve. 





Christmas day was a bit of a whirlwind as usual. Gone are the days of those super early Christmas morning wake up calls. I had to wake my crew up to get the festivities started! 

 Santa came!! 

 Bryan was "thrilled" that I got us matching shoes! 


 New soccer mom visor!! 

From here we got ourselves dressed for lunch at my aunt Carole's. I didn't take a single photo though. I'm kicking myself for that now, but just know we had a great time!! 

After lunch we rushed home to prep for Christmas dinner at our house with Bryan's family. This was the first time in 18 years that we were at our house on Christmas night and I have to admit...I LOVED IT. I roasted a turkey and everything. It was a really fun night. And also delicious. 

And that's a wrap on Christmas 2019! Next Christmas will be here before we know it. Ha!

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