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Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Three Month Catch Up!

The last 3-and-a-half months have been a blur. So much so I have once again fallen behind on posting; however, I seem to have plenty of time on my hands these days. 😉 

I'll rewind to January and get down to it.

First day of the year we had Cece come over so she could enjoy her yearly coconut birthday cake. The cake was delicious if I do say so myself. 

Next up Jordyn's team competed in Showcase Atlanta College Showcase. The tournament was cold and rainy, but the girls played some decent soccer. Sydney's team played too, but our Syd still isn't soccer ready yet so she came to watch and support her team.

Towards the end of the month Jordyn had two teeth pulled in hopes of getting her braces on quicker. Unfortunately the orthodontist doesn't want to see her again until June. Go figure!

The last weekend of January Bryan and I headed out on a date night to a birthday party for one of the S3 coaches. It had been a while since we went out somewhere other than a sports bar. It had also been a while since I wore heels. My feet were not happy with me by the end of the night!

Moving on to February...

Jordyn and I started the month off in Gatlinburg, TN for a college showcase. She played this showcase with her Georgia Alliance team instead of her Impact team. Her Alliance team is made up of girls from other clubs - Impact, Inner Atlanta and Rush.

 The view was lovely for the 3rd game.

The sights on the way home were lovely. We stopped at one point to take a few photos. On one side of the road amazing mountain views and on the other side of the road we had snow! We also saw a group of elk sunning so I had to immediately pull over for photos. Jordyn thought I was crazy, but it's not everyday we see so many elk lounging around.

Raise your hand if you have heard of the Baby Shark song? If you haven't, DON'T listen because it will never leave your head. I know a little someone who loves and I mean LOVES the Baby Shark song. Whenever Ellie is at my house we listen to it on repeat. Ellie knows that Alexa plays the song anytime I ask so she will stand next to the counter where Alexa sits and reach her arms up and say "Shark". During a shopping trip to Walmart we passed an end cap that was full of Baby Shark cereal and Little Baby went nuts saying shark and reaching for the cereal. Of course I HAD to buy the cereal for her, which made her so happy. This kid is so adorable!

On Saturday February 8th we got a winter "treat"...it snowed. The snow came in fast and by later that afternoon most of it was gone. The snow was around long enough for photos and some playtime. Once the snow started to melt us girls headed out to do some prom dress shopping for Sydney and Morgan. A few photos of some of the dresses Syd tried on, but not of THE dress she ended up taking home.

We went from above to below in no time at all!

February 11th Bryce and I headed to the CHOA CAP building for the first clinic of the year. The clinic went very well. PFT numbers were about the same from the November clinic. His percentage didn't chance, but his volume went up, which is good. He grew an inch putting him in the 84th percentile in height and his weight went up 3.5 lbs!! Woohoo. He is headed in the right direction now on his BMI so that's good news. He had a chest X-ray and also had his annual labs, which meant blood draws. Both came back looking normal.

Over Winter Break Sydney went on a college visit at Mercer with her bestie Morgan. We had a lovely day touring the beautiful campus. It's about 2 hours away from home so I could possibly handle that if she decided to apply there. Sydney wants to study physical therapy and they do have that program. Lots of big decisions for Sydney to make over the next year!

Here's a cute photo of these two bum knee besties in their high school soccer uniform. Morgan tore her ACL too so she is set to have surgery once this virus stuff passes by. The season was cancelled so hopefully they will both be ready to roll for next years season. 

For the past several months I have been having random pains in my abdomen and back. The pain was very sporadic and would subside after a few hours. I could go a few weeks or so without pain before the next bout set in. I briefly thought I had kidney stones (again), but the pain was never on that level so I brushed the idea aside. That is until the early morning hours on February 21st. I woke up to severe pain. The pain was so bad it brought me to my knees and made me sick to my stomach. I KNEW it was kidney stones at that point. I told Bryan he needed to take me to the ER. At first he was like "are you serious", but it didn't take long for him to realize I needed to go. We went to Northside Cherokee and let me tell you they were awesome. They had me back in a bed with pain meds in no time at all. Once they gave me morphine I realized it had been months and months since I had felt such relief. They scanned me and turned out my diagnosis was correct. I did indeed have kidney stones...plural...I had FOUR!! Three in the left kidney (one of which was already in the ureter tube) and one in my right kidney. The following week I saw a urologist and we decided I needed surgery to have the stones removed because one was so big they didn't think I could pass it. So on February 28th I had surgery to have the 3 stones removed from my left side. Turns out there were already a few more stones forming that they got rid of as well. Geesh! The right side stone was small enough for me to pass so they didn't mess with that one. The procedure was rather simple; however, the recovery was far more uncomfortable than I thought. Present date: I am feeling good and hoping to avoid having to ever do this again because it was horrible. Once this COVID-19 stuff clears I will have a 24 hour urine analysis so they can figure out what is causing the stones.

 3:00 AM.

Jordyn's Impact team played in the Ice Breaker tournament the weekend of February 22 and 23rd. They pretty much dominated the 4 games they played to win the division. They outscored their opponents 14 to 1. Not too shabby for a last minute entry into a tournament!

Now we move onto March, which seemed like the longest month ever in the history of months. The month started of pretty normal with a celebration for Jay's birthday. Soccer practices were going as scheduled and so was school until the COVID-19 issue escalated and ultimately halted life as we know it. We all found ourselves glued to our houses, which was weird for our active crew. School was dismissed and moved to digital learning. Our spring soccer season was put on hold until further notice as was Bryan's volleyball season.  

DLD = Digital Learning Days. Kudos to Cherokee County for having digital learning in place when this all began. Ever since we had that random snow a few years ago in December that caused the kids to miss so much school the county got on the ball to find a way to avoid the kids having to make up school days verses losing vacation days. For the past few years the kids have been practicing online learning here and there in preparation for some sort of extended bad weather event...or in this case a global virus pandemic. All assignments are found in one program called Canvas that teachers and students use to continue learning as usual. I think it has been a relatively smooth transition at our house. Honestly I am loving it.. I love having the kids home so much!

Soccer training has moved online as well. The kids have Zoom meetings for tactical training and our club has done a great job providing workout videos for the kids to do on their own at home. They have even had Zoom workout sessions with their teams! 


And that's how our January through March looked, which definitely didn't go the way any of us thought, but we are making the best of it. A home improvement project and Spring Break post will coming soon! 

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