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Saturday, July 31, 2021

Our Class of 2021 Graduate!


Leading up to the big day we had our own little cap and gown shoot because the ones that Cady Studios took were not great. The schools make Senior families use Cady Studios, which is unfortunate for a few reasons: 1. They are expensive. 2. They have cheesy backgrounds and pose options. 3. I'm positive the photographer we had didn't have much photography experience. 4. This resulted in less than stellar photos. 

I think my photos turned out much better if I do say so myself!

Here is the traditional photo that Cady took of Sydney for the yearbook. I did end up buying a small package of this photo since it's the traditional graduation photo and I knew grandparents would want a copy of it. *Please note this is a scan of the photo so the color is off a bit. Cady wanted well over $250 for access to digital copies. Uh, no thanks! 

Sydney's Etowah High School graduation was on Friday May 28, 2021 at First Baptist Church of Woodstock. She graduated with honors meaning she maintained an A average all 4 years of her high school career. During those 4 years she lost her uncle, she endured a left ACL tear that resulted in 3 surgeries, lived through a global pandemic that forced her into school from home and then followed all that up with a right ACL tear to kick off her Senior year. She had over 130 PT sessions and missed many days of school so the fact that she maintained an "A" average despite all of this adversity simply amazes me. 

We took this photo right before Sydney left for graduation. We left shortly after her to go battle for seats. Ha! Once they opened the church doors it was a mad dash to grab seats. I knew exactly where I wanted to sit in order to get some decent photos and thankfully I was able to snag seats exactly where I wanted. Funny thing is...the Castle's (Sydney's best friend's family) were already in the seats next to the ones we grabbed. We couldn't have planned that better if we tried! 

We had a joint graduation party with Sydney's best friend, Morgan, on Sunday May 30th at our neighborhood clubhouse. It turned out to be a great little party...so much fun for all! 

Syd and Katie had a contest to see who could eat a cupcake the fastest. 

I think Katie won. 
And on that note our graduation festivities came to an end. 

Now we focus on getting ready for UNG!

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