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Tuesday, January 24, 2023

Homecoming 2022!


Jordyn went to Etowah's homecoming with her friends. I love this group of girls. They are all really (really) good students, they are funny and sweet. And it goes without saying...these girls are classy! All of them looked amazing. 

Jordyn had a night before dress change. She just wasn't feeling the dress we had had for over a month so with exactly 1 hour until closing time at Macy's we pulled pretty much every dress they had in her size and got to trying them on. We even had Bryan helping us round up dresses. Crazy enough - the dress she ended up loving the most was a random find on a clearance rack. I think the dress rang up around $16.00 and hello...she looked amazing in it. 

Thank you to my parents for letting us use their back yard for photos. Their back yard makes a really great backdrop for photos. Also, it is convenient since it's 2 doors down. :)

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