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Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Wonders

A few pictures from our weekend. Since I don't work on Friday's I like to say that weekends start on Thursday evening. This is how my weekend started. On the way home from dance class a dude driving a U-haul truck didn't quite make the turn he was going for and crunched in the bumper on the Honda. Jordyn and I were sitting at a red light so no one was hurt, but Jordyn was a little scared. The guy was really nice and so apologetic. I actually felt bad for him because he had just finished moving and was going to return the truck.

Early on Saturday morning I headed out to meet some of my girls for breakfast. Life has gotten so busy lately that I feel I don't see my besties nearly enough. Not everyone could make our last minute breakfast plans, but none-the-less...a great morning out with a couple of girls I adore.

Next up on the agenda...soccer. The Storm won their game on Saturday. Our girl scored ANOTHER goal; however, the ref said she was off-sides. Despite the fact that the goal wasn't counted on the scoreboard, mom and dad counted it because it was a nicely kicked goal.

Saturday night brought date night with my baby daddy. We went to dinner with our neighbors and then hung out in the cul-de-sac around a fire. It was really slow paced and relaxing!

On Sunday the girls went forward at church.
Both girls indicated that they wanted to be baptized. This decision was theirs and theirs alone. No prompting so this was definitely something they wanted to do. Their baptisms will be May 27th. Of course we could have done them sooner, but that weekend they are doing baptisms in the morning service and we liked that.

Trampoline fun.

And we finished off our weekend with some sprinkler fun in the sun.
Not a bad weekend if I do say so myself!

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