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Sunday, July 6, 2014

8 Weeks of Summer: Week 5

The past week was exhausting, but loaded with fun! 

As usual the week started off in typical boring fashion. I went to work for a few hours on Monday and the kids went to volleyball with Bryan. My camera took a tumble at Sydney's party so Bryan got it shipped off to Canon. I spent a good deal of time on Tuesday doing laundry and working on Bryce's birthday invites. Tuesday night we went to dinner at Folks since kids eat free. While we were there we watched the USA get knocked out of the World Cup. Great effort guys! Dinner was good other than the long black hair that was in my food. YUCK!! Lost my appetite after that, but everyone else enjoyed their dinner. After dinner we took Sydney to Old Navy so she could spent the gift card that was burning a hole in her pocket. She ended up getting a really cute athletic (shocker) type tank top. My excitement from the shopping trip came in the form of boots for $.47. That is 47 CENTS. Just so happened they had Sydney, Jordyn and Maisie's (my niece) size so I got 3 pairs of super cute boots for under $1.50. Putting that in the win column!!

Thursday July 3rd came much too quickly. Sydney's official 11th birthday! Our first born is ELEVEN. Sydney woke up early to get her day started. After a muffin breakfast, presents and some relaxing we headed to Kennesaw Mountain for some exercise. We made it to the top rather quickly and even saw 8 deer along the way, one of which was brand new! Other than Bryce complaining the entire time that it was hot we had a great time. Through his complaining I couldn't help think we were working those lungs of his! 


We took Sydney out to Texas Roadhouse for birthday dinner. We wanted to do something different and I figured a steakhouse was right up her ally since Sydney loves steak and ribs. After dinner we dropped the kids off at mom's house for a spend-the-night since we were spending the next day at the pool anyway. Bryan and I's night away from the kids consisted of me returning swim suits back to VS, getting a pair of jeans for $3.58 from the Gap and shopping for 4th of July food. 


Fourth of July was spent at the pool. We had a smaller crowd than usual, but we ended up having the best time. After a delightful lunch a huge water gun fight broke out. Pretty much everyone was involved. The kids were in heaven. From there it was cannonball time. We even got Lindsay in on the cannonball action. I have never seen this happen and I think her kids thought it was the coolest thing ever! 
 These two were deep in conversation for almost a good hour!

After everyone left we hung around the pool a little longer. The kids thought it would be a good idea to play soccer in the house. Well, that resulted in Sydney's head colliding with Bryce's eye so he earned himself another black eye. This is the 4th or 5th I believe. 
 That face!

He fell asleep. 


Finally we called it a day at the pool, but before we left I wanted to take a family photo in our red, white and blue gear. We were all ready to go when Jordyn backed into the pool. Poor thing got everything, but her head in the water. She actually scraped the front of her leg and back of her knee on the way in. We dried her tears, blood and clothes as best we could and took our family photo. 

Hugs from daddy makes it all better. 

Happy 4th 2014!

That night we were treated to our own private fireworks show compliments of our neighbors Darren and Amanda. These weren't Wal-mart fireworks either. They were legit! One of the packages said "Illegal in most states" so you know that equals amazing! The Mullinax crew joined us and after the show we decided next year that we would all contribute to the cause. I can't tell you how nice it was to fold up my chair and walk into my house afterwards. Thanks again Darren and Amanda for the private show. It was really awesome.  


Saturday we headed back to the pool. I know you guys must think it gets boring, but it really doesn't. I would much rather be there than at my house. When I am at home all I do is work! Our neighbors Allen, Krystal and their little guy Hudson joined us as well. 
 My daddy. 


Sunday was a work day. We have been cleaning house, which is never fun, but needed to be done. I also finished up Bryce's birthday invites so those will be going out in the next few days once I remember to get stamps. I've gone to the store twice now for stamps and both times I have come home without them!!

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