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Sunday, February 14, 2021

Introducing: June Pearl Carter!!

Our newest niece, June Pearl Carter, was born on January 26, 2021. June is a dainty little ball of cuteness. It was odd not being able to visit Joey, Katie and "Baby June" as her big sister Ellie likes to call her in the hospital, but once we got the call that June was home you best believe Bryan and I headed over right away so we could get some snuggles. We are thankful that everything went smooth with the delivery and we are looking forward to watching this precious little girl grow. 

Proud Daddy!


*Joey took this photo

We got together for the Super Bowl over at Joey and Katie's so of course photos were in order. Sydney and I tag teamed. She's getting pretty good with her photography. 

Photo by Sydney!

Photo by Sydney!

Photo by Sydney!

I am a sucker for baby feet. Perfect little feet!

I got June all to myself for a few hours while Joey took Katie and Ellie to the doctor. Katie packed a few outfits so we could have a little photo shoot. Kudos to all the newborn photographers out there! Not the easiest task, but I think we did pretty good for armatures.

Pop Corn was Bauer's nickname in the womb. Big sister love from Heaven. Not shown is Bauer's baby blanket that was under the black sheet supporting June's little head. 

June, you are perfectly precious in every way. 
We love you!

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