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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Terrific Tuesday...not so much.

This Tuesday has turned out to be not so great...

Let me start from the beginning:

On Thursday Sydney came home from school not looking her usual perky self. Just before leaving for dance class I decided to take her temperature since she said she was "freezzzzinnnngggg". Yep. Fever. 102. 7 to be exact. Sydney missed school on Friday because she still had a decent fever and complained of a sore throat. Bryan wants to take her to the doctor, but I insist on NOT taking her because when I do take the kids in I'm told, "It's just a virus. It's got to run it's course".

Saturday she wakes up feeling better, but ends up loosing steam mid morning and the fever returns. By the time Sunday rolled around the fever was gone and she was up playing as usual. Even though she had been fever free for 24 hours we decided to keep her out of school on Monday to give her another day of rest. Again, no fever all day on Monday, but she is still complaining of a sore throat. So Tuesday we send her back to school.

Bryan calls me saying that on the way to school Sydney was complaining about her throat again and felt like we should take her to the doctor. So, reluctantly I picked her up from school early today and took her to the the Minute Clinic at CVS.

Oh Fabulous! The nurse on duty is on lunch break for another 40 minutes. I am thankful for Youtube having video after video of old Mickey Mouse cartoons. This made the 40 minute wait more tolerable. (Keep in mind I had all 3 kids with me and Bryce can't sit still to save his life).

Finally we get in to see the nurse. Sure enough...she tested positive for strep. Oh yippy. I sent my kid to school with strep AND I was the one who said she didn't need to go to the doctor . I'm feeling like I have earned the title of:

"Mom of the Year"

I feel horrible. I mean we are usually so anal about stuff like this because of Bryce so I'm really mad at myself for not taking this more seriously. I currently have a call into one of his CF caregivers to see if they want to put Bryce on antibiotics just as a precaution. We shall see...

What really topped this afternoon off was coming home to find that the dog has had diarrhea all over the foyer floor. The smell was so bad it was burning my nose and almost knocked me out when I walked through the door. The girls kept whining, "I can't breathe! Mom, I can't breathe!". First thing I did was put Bryce down for a nap because he was Major Cranky Pants. Then I came down to look at the poop from a distance and make sure it wasn't anywhere else. While I was working up the nerve to clean up the 3 huge piles of runny poop I opened all the windows downstairs and lit a bunch of scented candles. I'm telling you...the smell was indescribable. Upon a closer look at the poop I realize it is mostly liquid and has started to dry on the floor. There are dried poop splatters all over the floor AND all over my foyer piece of furniture.


After soaking the dried splatters and partially dried poop piles I covered the floor with paper towels. Then, I covered the floor with even more paper towels. Next I grabbed grocery bags to use as hand protectors. This proved to be a good decision. Go me! Surprisingly my hands stayed dog poop free so that's a good thing. Right?!

After 30 minutes and a roll and half of paper towels later the job was complete. The foyer was clean. The smell was fading and all was right in my world again. I don't want to ever, ever, EVER experience anything like doggie diarrhea again.

And by the way...

Any takers on a 95 lb, sweet as can be Doberman Pincher who could possible have a bout of diarrhea from time to time.



Unknown said...

The dog poop part gave me a good laugh...at least it wasn't Bryce this time!!! Hope everyone gets back to square one soon and Bryce stays strep free. You can never have two bad days in a row...tmw will be better.. here's hoping! :)

Stacey said...

This seriously sounds like most days in my household... Hang in there!