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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You're Still the One...

Just wanted to give a little shout out...throw some love to my handsome hubby.
We are celebrating our 9 year wedding anniversary today.

Us love birds haven't planned a darn thing for this momentous occasion. We have been too stinkin' busy to even think about plans, and we are totally ok with that. Bryan is in the midst of volleyball playoffs and I'm in the midst of herding our kids from here to there and back again. Hopefully we will get a reprieve from our crazy schedule this weekend so we can enjoy a nice dinner out together.

I can say this with 100% honesty:
There hasn't been a day gone by that I haven't thanked the Lord above for my wonderful husband. Sometimes I wonder what I ever did to deserve such an amazing man. Bryan is a Godly man, my best friend who I trust with all my heart, a fabulous dad to our kids and pretty much the best husband a girl could ever want.

Love you (( THIS MUCH)) babe!

(Have I mentioned that I'm looking forward to that 10 year anniversary celebration we have promised ourselves. It will be here before we know it!)

Since we have over 900 pictures from our big day,
I can share pictures each year and never show the same one twice.

From left to right:
Amber, Amy (my SIL), Lindsay (MOH), Kelly, Tannen, Casey

From left to right:
Shaun, Jay (my bro), Joey (my bro), Andy (Bryan's bro), Lee, Matthew

"You may now kiss the bride!"

Ok - so I posted this one last year...but it's one of my favorites so I had to. Kissy. Kissy.

First dance time.

Just want we wanted...a rockin' party, where everyone actually danced!

Something was funny. I don't think our smiles could get bigger. ;)

Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Jones ~ October 20, 2001

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Gemma said...

Aww many congratulations you both look stunning and don't appear to have aged!!

It's such a warming comfort to find your soul mate.

Here's to many many many more happy years together.