1 Corinthians 16:14 ~ Do everything in love.

Sunday, February 15, 2015


Way back in November Bryce was in the car with Bryan and asked how Jesus can live in your heart. Bryan explained and Bryce said that was something he wanted. After taking a new Christian's class geared for kids through our church we scheduled Bryce's baptism.

On Sunday February 1, 2015 Bryce participated in believers baptism. I am very thankful for the church volunteer that captured  photos from the special event. I've been waiting on the photos to be posted so hence why my blog about this is a little late. I'm still waiting on the photos to be emailed to me so for now you can click this link and look at his series of pictures. Love his sweet smile!

Bryan was on the sidelines waiting for our boy to leave the baptismal pool and got a great video of the special moment. I also videoed from our seats in the sanctuary, but Bryan's view was much better so I'm sharing his version.

We were thankful to have a whole crew of family join us for the event. Afterward we had a delightful lunch with family at our house. It was a really fantastic morning and afternoon.


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